Friday, March 31, 2006


We had some terrific and unexpected news this month: My likely opponent dropped out of the state primary race. As such, I am the presumptive winner of my Party's nomination in the June 6th election!

Since I have no opposition in the primary, my team and I are hoping that our fundraising needs will be met by our friends in the general public sooner than later. Specifically, if all registered Republicans in our congressional district would send $10; or if half would send $20; or if one-quarter would send $40: we'd immediately increase our campaign coffers to equal almost the total funds raised by the incumbent (my general election opponent).

The point is that any amount helps, and small contributions add up quickly!

Please consider making a contribution to my campaign today:

Thank you!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Happy Birthday, DICK SHEEHAN

My late mentor and dear friend Richard "Dick" Sheehan would have been 73 years young today. Sadly, Dick died on June 5, 2005, having suffered, among other things, sudden acute lung failure. With all my mental and physical faculties opertaing at full speed today, I still cannot find a way to express the wonder at the dual experience this loss has created in my life.

While deep sadness was (and sometimes is) the overall feeling, I am also filled with a sense of comfort as Dick's words fill my mind as I move through my life now without his wise in-person counsel. Just like the lyrics of a favorite song from years past, his comments and phrases are often triggered by daily events. They are far too numerous to list here, yet I will say this: They were always filled with reality and love.

Now that I'm writing about it, perhaps I can find a way to express this wonder: I can simply live the life he would have wanted for me. I suppose that is the nature of life -- to learn and grow, and then move forward and try to help others.

None of us lives forever, at least not here on earth. So it is probably best that we honor those who have lived their lives before us by continuing the legacy they built for us, especially when that legacy was one of service to our fellow man. (And maybe we don't need even to wait until they're gone.)

I love you, Dick. Thank you for everything...