Wednesday, June 07, 2006


As I am now honored to become the elected Republican nominee for the United States House of Representatives (CA-27), we have a few thoughts to share with you as we head into the next phase of our 2006 campaign:

    • Eminent domain abuse is not a partisan issue.
    • Securing our nation's borders is not a partisan issue.
    • Growth and opportunity are not partisan issues.

The current incumbent toes a party line without consideration for constituents. In fact, the culture in Congress today has virtually every member in the House toeing a political party line. I will not toe the party line.

I will not stand with the Republican Party on runaway deficit spending, the Federal Marriage Amendment, anti-Choice legislation, or anything else simply for the sake of partisanship. I will, however, represent everyone in our district.

America cannot continue down a path of extremism and division, with the Congress and the current administration leading the way by meddling in areas where they are neither needed, nor welcomed, by most of us in the mainstream.

In California's 27th congressional district, there is finally a choice for Democrats, Republicans and everyone else...

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Please VOTE!

Happy Primary Election Day!

Please remember to take some time today and vote: it's the only way to truly make a difference.