Thursday, July 27, 2006


Last Sunday, July 23rd, was a bittersweet day for me, as I attended an amazing rally on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, organized by the Jewish Federation of America.

It was of great personal importance that I stand to be counted among thousands of people who, like me, unequivocally support Israel's sovereign right to defend herself against all forms of tyranny and terrorist attacks. There is only one "right side" on this issue, and I was there to help make that clear to the world.

The bitter part was -- and is -- that so many Israelis have been killed or wounded defending their country and standing up to terrorist aggression. And still other Israelis have been kidnapped by cowardly terrorist thugs who hide behind a flimsy, filthy mask of credibility as recognized political organizations: Hezbollah and Hamas. Their childish attempts at credibility in the world of political leadership is laughable.

The sweet part, however, far outweighed the former, though, as I stood with California's Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Los Angeles' Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Democratic Congressman Howard Berman (the sole U.S. Representative in attendance), Israeli Consul General Ehud Danoch, Rabbi Laura Geller, and many other community and government leaders to share our feelings of deep concern for Israel and its people.

It was a proud and moving moment for me to know that, not only has President Bush remained steadfast in his unflinching support of Israel, but that nearly 10,000 Californians took the time to join arms with each other to cheer, pray and sing for security and peace in the State of Israel.

I'm so grateful to have been asked to attend this event, and I look forward to continuing to do everything I can to support Israel as a Member of Congress in 2007.


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