Friday, August 04, 2006


I read today that during the San Diego Gay Pride festival this past weekend five people were brutally attacked, allegedly for their sexual orientation, as they left the event.

Excuse me: What year is this? Have we suddenly been transported back to the bigoted and segregated days of yore? Are some people still this ignorant and foolish? Apparently so...

Anyone who knows me is likely aware that being gay is only one part of who and what I am; that my life is dedicated to many, many things beyond that which is considered to be part of so-called “gay culture.” However, when I hear of this kind of ridiculous, despicable, disabling and hateful behavior, I need to weigh in, as it’s personal.


It should not be too surprising that the people arrested in connection with these attacks are members of a group who call themselves "Lowlifes." Imagine referring to yourself as a 'lowlife' and swelling up with (false) pride therefore. Who are these idiots? And two of them were teenagers! Where are their parents?

Three of the four suspects arrested appeared in San Diego criminal court yesterday. Lowlifes indeed.

My staff and I stand firmly with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in his statement about these acts of cowardice, and the upcoming "Hate Crimes Rally and Candlelight March” on Friday, August 4, 2006 at 5:30pm in San Diego:

     "The hate and ignorance these detestable acts embody stand in stark contrast to the principles of tolerance and compassion that represent California. Hate crimes like these hurt not only their immediate victims, but an entire community. They only expose the futility of violence. By responding to violent attacks with peaceful demonstrations and answering hate with solidarity, Friday's rally serves as a powerful reminder that only by respecting differences can we hope to avoid these types of tragedies in the future."

God bless you, Governor Schwarzenegger. And thank you.


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