Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Shedding Some light...

I’d like to thank the writer (Brian) for his comments about Prop 90.  I respect his point of view, though I do not share it, and I stand by my previous statements: I oppose the Kelo decision, and I support private property rights.  This is one of many obvious and primary distinctions between me and my opponent, Brad Sherman.

Mr. Sherman’s record on many other issues that affect all of us is dismal at best.  He has failed to appropriately represent California's 27th Congressional District in the areas of national security, federal taxes, removal of regulations on small business, and bringing back the fair share of federal dollars—especially since he was gerrymandered into the north San Fernando Valley in late 2001.

I sincerely appreciate Brian’s comments because this kind of debate is precisely what the voters deserve if they are to make an informed decision at the polls in November.  Regrettably, this blog is thus far the closest we have been able to come to a real debate, as Mr. Sherman still has not committed to any of the debates my campaign has proposed.

HRCAs for my party affiliation, please see my earlier post (It’s the People, Not the Party).  And while I appreciate that Brian illuminated the good work of the leaders and other members of the Human Rights Campaign [HRC], a group dedicated to realizing a nation that achieves fundamental fairness and equality for all, let’s not give Mr. Sherman too much credit: he will never outrank me in any HRC surveyever...


Anonymous Brian said...

I actually think Sherman should debate you. Every Congressman owes his constituency at least one debate against his opponent for each election. It wouldn't even take that much time. I support your efforts to get a debate. It is the same effort that similarly positioned candidates all over the state and nation are experiencing. For example, Mary Bono has so far refused to debate her opponent David Roth. Likewise with Buck McKeon and his opponent Robert Rodriguez.

A Congressman owes that much to the people.

As for Prop 90, I would refer you to the "damage" provisions of the text. They would restrict severely the state/municipalities rights to control land use within their boundaries. It is what happened in Oregon and it would happen to us as well. It's why every major newspaper in the state, with the exception of the OC Register, has come out in opposition of Prop 90. Prop 90 does far more damage than eminent domain ever could.

While I find the leadership of your party dangerous to the nation, I wish you good luck with your candidacy. I hope you will have a spirited campaign and discussion of the issues. However, if you do acheive the great upset, I hope you think long and hard when you cast your vote for Speaker.

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