Saturday, November 04, 2006


In its profile of my candidacy today, the Los Angeles Times did a great service to the Republican Party, and the people of California’s 27th Congressional District.
[Photo by Mel Melcon, Los Angeles Times]

The Times initially approached its story about my race to unseat Rep. Brad Sherman with curiosity. As the only openly gay Republican running for Congress, this was supposed to be one of those “news of the weird” features. What the Times reporter learned however, is that people on the campaign trail do not care if I am gay or straight. What they really care about are my ideas and my character.

Many in the Democratic Party seek to perpetuate the stereotype of the Republican Party as some crusty old club of plutocrats and bigots, but this article makes it clear that just is not the case. Republicans are bound together by our commitment to fiscal and personal responsibility and by our pro-business and strong defense policies, but we are all individuals, and there is room for all of us in the GOP.

I was thrilled, this week, to have received the endorsement of Gov. Christine Todd Whitman’s national political organization, “It’s My Party Too.” Gov. Whitman is only endorsing nine candidates for office in California: Gov. Schwarzenegger, Reps. Mary Bono and David Dreier, Secretary of State Bruce McPherson, Insurance Commissioner candidate Steve Poizner, three candidates for the state legislature, and me. That is a tremendously impressive list;, one on which I am proud to be included.

Tuesday is a big day for my campaign and the GOP. My opponent, Brad Sherman, has been so confident in his victory that he not only left the District to campaign for other candidates out of state, but he even told his constituents he was doing so! I believe he has ignored a good portion of this District for years so I suppose I should not be so surprised that he chose to ignore it at election time too. I think he could be in for a surprise on Tuesday. Democrats and Independents support me because of my inclusive, bi-partisan approach to federal governance, and the fact that I do NOT toe the Republican Party line on many social issues.

I encourage you to read the Los Angeles Times story. It is a window into the true nature of most of us in the GOP: diverse, energetic, and idea-driven. I am proud of who I am, of my family, and of the Party I represent.


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